Distance #M31
"Distance #M31" Limestone, Fossils, 2018, Adoka Niitsu, Collection privée, Suisse

"Distance #M31"(detail)
The smartphone-shaped sculpture called "Distance # M31" presents the image of a galaxy Andromeda from a series of first photos taken between 1887 and 1895 by Isaac Roberts. The stones were collected by the artist herself in the Solnhofen region of Germany, known for limestone quarries that used for lithographic prints. They contain fossils that can be considered media that appeared before humans and show us what life was like on the earth.

The invention of lithography became possible to print a large amount of multi-color printing, and opened up a new artistic field of applied art and multiple art, as well as advertisement and political intention, poster as public space in city space stimulated people's lifestyle and pushed the modernization by the power of image. It is also a technology that forms the basis of today’s offset printing and is also applied to printing technology of semiconductor microchip of computer and smartphone called "photolithography" combined with method of lithography and photography.

Dialog here with a perception of the distance that separates the Earth from the Andromeda galaxy (2 light years and a half a way), her works are questioning the function of the invention of the media in order to consider the position of technology in the future and since its origin.

Remerciements : Noriko Mitsuhashi

Exposition du 29 novembre 2018 au 22 décembre 2018
22 janvier 2019

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