Le Piaffer
Image in our minds
"How and which media could be used to share the inner purely mental images that arise in us?"

Installation View at Galerie Hors-Champs, Paris, 550 x 225cm, 2012

Drawing + Video Installation, 2012
Series of Drawings, Projector, DVD Player, Size Variable
(The Images of video made by using lithography)
Text of the Adoka Niitsu Solo Show "Le Piaffer"(2012) at Galerie Hors-Champs, Paris
Galerie Hors-Champs is pleased to present the Japanese artist, Adoka Niitsu, in a new exhibition dedicated to her drawings and lithographic works, based upon her reflection on transmission and these media.

Adoka Niitsu’s images are composed of white figures drawn obsessively on black paper in the manner of a repetitive mantra. They chiefly evoke plant life, water and fire. They appear to be produced with the frenzy of automatic drawing and may be called a psychic projection.

No wonder then that they also suggest the elements, the interlacing that invades the entire surface of the paper like a shamanic formula, manifesting a willingness to connect things, especially to their origin: psychic, living and linguistic origins (drawing), and the reproduction of images (lithography and stone printing).

Colour videos are projected against the black and white motifs on paper. As the video images endlessly evolve and expand, they also add a density that may be as infinitely varied as the shades of human emotion.

This confrontation of techniques (and eras) makes an appeal to viewers. Something immutable exists on paper, whereas the constant motion of video is more ambiguous. It operates as a selective guide, choosing zones to allow them to “breathe”, and abandoning them in favour of other areas.

Adoka Niitsu has titled this installation “Le Piaffer” (french word: to be champing at the bit, to be pawing the ground, suggestive of restless effort) so as to express movement. By projecting colour onto her mental projections, she causes them to emerge and to escape intimate objectivity, rendering them universal through poetry.

Hannibal Volkoff - Artistic Director (Galerie Hors-Champs, Paris) Translation(French to English): Audrey Concannon

Installtion view at L'Intime Galerie 2012 / Maison des Canaux, Ambassade Ephémère (Paris)
Excerpt video from document movie by Charl Hi + Augustine Aldighieri

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"Le Piaffer - Adoka Niitsu Solo Exhibition: Lithographies, Dessins et Installation ", Galerie Hors-champs, Paris, 2012
"Intimes #1" - L'Intime Galerie, Maison des Canaux, Ambassade Ephémère, Paris, 2012