carl stone+masayuki akamatsu duo

Carl Stone + Masayuki Akamatsu Duo

Carl Stone, a pioneer of personal computer music, and Masayuki Akamatsu, a successor of the frontier that Stone opened up, play together as a digital improvisation duo. They use each other's sound processing software realized using Max/MSP. The music they play is sometimes calm and sometimes has strong grooves. It is changing bit by bit and transforms itself suddenly. It's just like a miracle kaleidoscope of music.


October 22,2002 Live at Tokuzo, Nagoya

September 5, 2003 Live at Osaka Arts-Aporia, Osaka

September 6, 2003 Live at Kanazawa Citizen's Art Center, Kanazawa

September 7, 2003 Live at gallery Soap, Kokura

September 8, 2003 Lecture at Kyusyu Institute of Design, Fukuoka

September 8, 2003 Live at Butterfly, Fukuoka

September 9, 2003 Live at Indoyo, Hofu

December 21, 2003 Live at Super Deluxe, Tokyo

July 21, 2005 Live at IAMAS, Ogaki


Tokuzo 2002

Tour 2003 Osaka

Tour 2003 Kanazawa

Tour 2003 Kanazawa

Tour 2003 Kanazawa

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