akaRemote.app& Max/MSP patch

Version 0.2.1
November 6, 2007
Masayuki Akamatsu

[Note] akaRemote.app can't store the preferences on 1.1.3. I'll fix them someday (not today).


This is a quick and dirty experimental work for iPhone-to-Max communication.
It consists of "akaRemote.app" (iPhone native application) and "aka.iphone2.1.pat" (Max/MSP example patch).
You can send pre-deined OSC messages from iPhone to Max/MSP and from Max/MSP to iPhone.


On your computer:

- Connect your computer to the internet (with Ethernet of Wi-Fi).
- Open "aka.iphone2.1.pat" with Max/MSP.
- Set your iPhone's IP address in "iPhone IP Address" field.

On your iPhone:

- Connect you iPhone to the internet (with Wi-Fi).
- Install "akaRemote.app" with Intaller.app.
- Open "akaRemote".
- Tap "Prefs" in the navigation bar.
- Set your computer's IP address in "Host Address" field.
- Tap another button in the navigation bar.

Protocol in OSC :

akaRemote.app comunicates with the following messages via OSC (OpenSound Control) .

From akaRemote.app to a client (ex.Max/MSP)

/event <Device ID> <Page Number> <Item Number> <Item Kind> <Event Kind> <Value1> <Value2> <Value3>


From a server (ex.Max/MSP) to akaRemote.app

/set <Device ID> <Page Number> <Item Number> <Item Kind> <Event Kind> <Value1> <Value2> <Value3>



Copyright©2007 by Masayuki Akamatsu.
except ObjCOSC by Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan
and The OpenSound Control Kit by CNMAT.

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