"/balance" is an interactive installation allowing us to experience the sensation of weight. It comprises a physical controller and a digital image. By tilting the controller we dynamically interact with the images while receiving tangible feedback through that controller itself.

In general, we use sight and touch to gauge size and weight, which helps us grasp the scale of things in the real world. On the other hand, as for digital space, quantity is not in proportion to size of substances at all. I propose an interface that allows people to recognize, control and adjust instinctively by giving weight for intangible information.
If this idea is applied to recording media such as DVD-ROM or Flash memory, they could be made more useful. If these media are designed so that we can recognize the amount of contents the moment we take them, we will get a new type of worth.
And this time in order to demonstrate more artistically, I have developed an interactive installation "/balance" that controls weight of information felt by hand. Such as clay craft or cooking, we do composition or adjusting hint about quantity. This project is aimed at making images in such an action.

Ars Electronica2008
Ars Electronica2008(Linz)