A Planet --The Installation of an Interactive Cinema--

これは,インタラクティブシネマのインスタレーション作品です。オリジナルデバイスのハンドルを廻して, PCのマウス代わりに,2つのQTムービーの再生速度を制御しています。2002年10月23日(金)〜11月9日(土)までスイスのジュネーブで開催されている,ジュネーブ,パリ,京都の美術大学主催の『Jouable』展に出品。

"A Planet" ----> One of the examples of the installation

This is an Installation of Interactive Cinema. "A Planet"is controled by my original device. The device switches over the two movies insted of a mouse.This work was sent an exhibition in Switzerland.The exhibition was "Jouble", and this organizer is arts university in Geneva, Paris, and Kyoto. It's holding period was from 23th Oct to 9th Nov in 2002 in Geneva.

"A Planet" ---->The appreciation method


For example, when the handle of the device turns to the right, you can see a boy images, and when you reverse it, you can see another a girl images.

"A Planet" ---->An original device of the work

A Contents Of The Installation

↑A Planet Movie ---- Open your Real Player↑

A Planet 2002
Art work -- Atsuko Uda
Programing -- Satoshi Fukuhisima
Sound -- Taro Yasuno
Cooperation -- Daichi Matsunaga & IAMAS Performing Arts Project
Cpyright 2002 (c) ATSUKO UDA