Masahiro Miwa's
Syoten-Syonen (The Ascending Boy) Label


Limited CD Edition Series

昇天する世紀末音楽 シリーズ
Ascending Music for the End of the Century

(3CD's + extra)


2月20日、堂々4枚同時発売開始!・・ ウェブで注文:get


! 完全家内制手工業で生産されているため、お時間を頂くことがあります。ご了承ください。

CD-1:  炎のロックンロール Rock and Roll on Fire
(The Point of Origin、または20年後のデビューアルバム)
(The Point of Origin, or Debut Album After 20 Years)
Warning: Please don't buy this CD if you don't know Miwa's work very well. Otherwise, you'll be disillusioned.

1 宇宙人 (197?)
2-4 ピアノのための 3つの小品 (197?)
Three Pieces for piano
5-10 炎のロックンロール (197?)
Rock and Roll on Fire

CD-2: 満潮と3つの月 High Tide and Three Moons
(Study, or Eve of "Red Riding Hood Accompanist")
Warning: This CD is not recommended for people who are not interested in algorithmic compositions.

1 架空木管五重奏のための BQMOVM1E (1986)
BQMOVM1E for imaginary wood wind quintett
2 部分音クラヴィア (1986)
3 満潮と3つの月 (1986)
High Tide and Three Moons

4 ピアニストとコンピュータのための Duoklav (1987)
Duoklav for pianist and computer

CD-3: スピリトゥス・ドミニ Spiritus Domini
(Satellites, or the "B" side of "Song of the East")
Warning: Please enjoy as the B side of "Song of the East."

1 ピアノとチェロ(コントラバス)のための極東の架空の島の唄 I (1991)
Song of Imaginary Far East Island I for piano and cello (contra bass)
2 二十絃箏のための スピリトゥス・ドミニ (1993)
Spiritus Domini for 20-strings Koto
3 フルートとピアノのための 極東の架空の島の唄 II (1992)
Song of Imaginary Far East Island II for flute and piano
4 カトリック教会合唱とコンピューターのためのスピリトゥス・ドミニ (1992)
Spiritus Domini for Catholic choir and computer

(Broken Words, or Music of Me is Broke)
注意: 「東の唄」以後。黙ってこれを聴いてください。
Warning: After "Song of the East." Please just listen!

1 箏とコンピューターのための 曙継承 (1994)
Akebono-Inheritance for Koto and computer
2 サイケデリックぶんぽうの かなしいこころ (1996)
Kanashii-kokoro (sad heart) by Psychiedelic Bumpo

3 サクソフォン、ピアノとコンピューターのための SendMail (1995)
SendMail for Saxophone, piano and computer
4 バイリンガル話者とKymaシステムのための SpeechManager (1997)
SpeechManager for bilingual talker and Kyma system


 このシリーズの目的から、現在に至るぼくの創作の軌跡を流れの中で捉えていただくために、例えば表現として未熟、つまりそれひとつでは十分な存在理由を持てないような昔の作品でも、今までの活動の過程で重要であれば取り上げています。また、そこでできるだけぼくなりの評価や他の作品との関係を言葉によっても明らかにしておこうと考えています。それらによって現代の音楽創作一般、そしてぼく自身の活動に興味と関心を持ってくださる方々にとっては、 少なくともこのCDシリーズがある作家の創作の軌跡として聴いてもらう価値のあるものになるだろうと考えているからです。


About the CD series:
This series of CD's contains most of my pieces which were composed between 1974 and 1997, with the exception of works which were previously published by Fontec. Among the listeners of this new CD series, I hope there will be those who have previously listened to and enjoyed "The Red Riding Hood Accompanist" and "Song of the East."
In this series of CD's, I have chosen pieces which were from my early development, but which were important in my artistic development. A current self-evaluation and critique of my works is included, as well as an explanation of how each composition builds upon musical ideas from previous pieces. I hope that this combined text and music will be worth listening to and enjoyable for those or you who are interested in my work, and in contemporary music.
This CD series consists of three CD's plus one extra. The musical contents of each CD corresponds to the changes in my personal lifestyle and surroundings. I decided to use original recordings, many of them from cassette tapes, and the quality of the sound varies. Therefore, please understand that some parts may be difficult to listen to.
Before you buy this CD, please read the warning on each CD carefully.

Masahiro Miwa

Produced by
Masahiro Miwa

Directed by
Keitaro Terasaki & Yuki Kaneko

Mastered by
Shigeru Matsui (Eyebright co., Ltd.)

Art Direction & Design
Yasuhito Nagahara

Thanks to
Gayle Pavola & Ikuko



Copy right (c) 1999 Masahiro Miwa


通し番号0〜99までは4枚組セットで販売 (4000円)



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