Le Tombeau de Freddie

A Concept for "Six Perspectives in Digital Music"
and an Acoustic Realization of "L'Internationale"

English Text (pdf): "Six Perspectives in Digital Music"
Japanese Text (pdf): "Six Perspectives in Digital Music"(NEW!)

Music: "L'Internationale"

Concept by the Formant Brothers (Nobuyasu Sakonda & Masahiro Miwa)
Acoustic Realization by Nobuyasu Sakonda (based on a Song composed by Pierre C. Degeyter in 1888)
Music Video by Hiromitsu Murakami
Special Thanks to: Robert Darroll (Translation), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (E-Guitar), Takehiko Kamada (Mix engineering)
Supported by NUAS (Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences) and IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences)

(C) Formant Brothers (Nobuyasu Sakonda & Masahiro Miwa) 2009

BKPstandard / Score for BKP (PDF)