1.Outline / 2.The Progression of the Story / 3.Stage(1) / 4.Stage(2) / 5.Stage(3) / 6.Stage(4) / 7.The Final Word&Credits

The Progression of the Story

The opera progresses on stage as follows:

0 Before the performance. The icon of the order is slowly revolving on the 'screen', and there is a 'noise' sound to give the audience the sensation of the presence of God.  
Part 1 Alleluia
1a The young boy faces the audience (the believers who are attending the ceremony) and says a greeting.
(Note: the young boy is actually played by the female soprano Reisiu Sakai, and also referred to as the lead actor or the believer).
- He faces the 'lantern' and chants incantations in a quiet whisper. The four virgin maidens begin to chant in response.  
1b The young boy picks up the poison and water that have been prepared for the ceremony from the 'pedestal', and sings the "Song of Joy" without accompaniment.  
- He enters the 'device', puts on the headphones and begins to meditate.  

The maidens perform the "The Coming of the Holy Spirit" while watching the score (score projection onto the 'lantern') that has been transformed from data on the network. (31mins)

During this time the words from the vowels that symbolize God's voice with the four melodies from the keyboards are synthesized. The believers who have already left this world through this ceremony area called back by a point set in the melody and their appearances over lap (flash onto) the musical score that is projected onto the 'lantern'.

- The performance finishes with incantations in a quiet whisper.
Part 2 Archive
2a The young boy recites as determined by the ceremony.  
- The maidens perform 'God's Melody' while looking at the score projected onto the 'lantern'.  
- The young boy says with 'God's Melody' in the background.  
- He then recites <Fixed verse no.2> with 'God's Melody' in the background.  
2b The "capture" of the believer's (the young boy) personal information takes place.
The young boy sings to the melody cited by God that continuously floats up as white noise. His voice is sampled, and then over sampled using a delay system (transformed into a multi strain harmony) and is converted into data. The neume type notation (or a similar notation) that is rapidly flashed on the 'screen' is symbolic of the personal information of the believer that has been converted into data.
2c The 'reason' for the ceremony becomes apparent as the young boy recites a monologue and another fixed
ceremonial verse, with sounds symbolic of the voice of the believer (the young boy) in the background.
- The boy closes his eyes and drinks the poison.  
2d He takes off the headphones and leaves the 'device' with the laptop that he used in the confession.  
- He verifies the image of himself drinking the poison that has been projected onto the 'screen' with the video delay system.  
- The lead says <Words of Thanks> to the other believers (the audience) that confirms the archive process (conversion of his personal information into data) has been a success.  
Part 3 Reincarnation
3a 'God's Melody' is played with sounds symbolic of voice of the young boy.  
- The young boy sings the <Secrets of Angels> with 'God's Melody' in the background.  
- He then unfolds the laptop computer on the 'pedestal'.  
- He returns to the 'device' and gradually begins to lose consciousness.  
3b 'God's Melody' becomes sin waves part by part, and the performance of the melody becomes automatic.  
- The maidens cease playing as the performance becomes automatic, leave their places on the 'alter', close the curtain on the 'device' and leave the stage.  
3c The message from the young boy to the believers (the audience) automatically begins to play on the laptop computer.  
3d The young boy's image is projected onto the 'screen' with the infrared cameras, he opens his eyes.  
- The boy sings with 'God's Melody' in the background.  
3e The young boy completely leaves this world. The image of the boy disappears and is replaced by the icon of the believers, and then stars.