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The Cast
  The characters that appear on stage during the opera are as follows:
* A fourteen year old boy believer (the lead character) - soprano
* Four virgin maidens who are in charge of the ceremony - female keyboard players (4 players)
* Believer 1 - operator responsible for visual effects
* Believer 2 - operator responsible for sound effects
* Believer 3 - mixing operator

The four keyboard players are the 'orchestra' responsible for the music in the opera, and at the same time perform the role of the maidens who take charge of the ceremony on stage. The three operating staff who exist as 'clerics' in the background of the religious ceremony concentrate on opera operations and do play an active acting role.
Stage Set-up
  On the stage the 'device', 'alter', 'screen', 'operation counter', PA speakers, projector and 'pedestal' are arranged in the following fashion.

<Stage Layout Chart>

  The rectangular parallelepiped frame with curtains on three sides is called the 'device'. It is the machine that extracts the personal information from the believers and transforms it into data. Inside the 'device' there is a chair, a small table, a head phone amplifier, an infrared camera and PA speaker, which are arranged so that they are not easily visible.

The 'alter' is the space where the four keyboard players perform. In the middle of the 'alter' there is a 'lantern'. Inside the 'lantern' there are small projectors that project images in all four directions (mainly music scores). This area is the 'alter' in the opera, of which the 'lantern' is the center of attention.

The 'lantern' is an acrylic fiber four-sided column that has semi transparent paper pasted on all four sides, it is empty on the inside and has no lid. It is used as a screen to project images (mainly musical scores) in all four directions. Inside there is a lamp controlled by computer to let the performers know the rhythm of the music.

The 'screen' is a 3m by 4m back projection screen.

The 'operation counter' is where all the computer, visual and sound systems are situated. Using these systems the three operators conduct real time operations according to the progress of the opera.