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The Final Word

  This opera was commissioned and conceptualized in 1992 by its sponsor The 22th Century Club. Actual work on the opera began in 1996, in 1999 the following independent compositions were combined to complete the opera with the help of one of the performers, Shinjiro Maeda.

"Silhouette of Words, or Alleluia" based on "A's" text
"Neue Zeit" for 50 iMac's and an operator
"Neue Zeit" for two organists and an assistant with a Mega-Phone
"19-sai no shi" for two pianists and a computer

Each of these works has their own theme that was either modified or disregarded to suit an operatic composition, and then integrated into the theme that continues throughout this opera. However, a great deal of the musical materials and the computer algorithms in this opera follow suit with the above works.




monologue opera "The New Era"

Composer,scriptwriter,computer programmer:
Masahiro Miwa

Director,visual effects:
Shinjiro Maeda

Sound technicians:
Tomoko Ueyama,Masatsune Yoshio

Visual technicians:
Akio Okamoto,Takaaki Shimbori

Special thanks to:
Masayuki Akamatsu

Supported by:
IAMAS (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences)

Sponsored,produced and commissioned by:
The 22nd Century Club

(C)Masahiro Miwa &Shinjiro Maeda

First performance at 'ALTI'‐ Hall,Kyoto on April 20.2000
Second Performance at Kioi‐ Hall ,Tokyo on April 27.2000

Reisiu Sakai

Kaori Iimura,Aya Usutomi,Takae Kikuchi,Tomomi Mitsui

Translated by:
Heath Watts

HTML Designed:
Iori Nakai