Duration: ca. 35 min.

Space: ca 3.5 x 3.5 m space for player's area at the middle in the hall

Audience may sit down or walk arround the player's area

Player: 4 female players


Technical specifications

Signal flow charts:

shema I & II

Set up:

over view

4 keyboards, 4 projectors and cubic projection surface in the center

a cushion, MIDI keyboard, projector and tiny lamp with battery on the floor

microphones are just for recording !

turn off the lights: light of projector and 4 tiny lamps

set up of computers.. NO operation during the performance!

power book is not used during the performance

photos by Hiromitsu Murakami


List of equipments:

Computers 1 Apple PowerMac G3 for Sounds
1 Apple PowerMac 8500 for Images
1 Apple PowerBook 5300CS for rehersal
Cards 1 Korg 1212I/O D/A converter
3 ATI Xclaim VR Video card
MIDI interfaces 1 Mark of Unicorn MIDI TimePiece II
2 Opcode MIDI Translator
MIDI-Keyboards 4 Roland PC-180
Vidoe Projectors 4 SONY CPJ-200
MIDI lighting controller 1 MaddyRocky 320-JR on/off the 100V AC
DAT Recorder SONY TCD-D10PRO used as D/A- converter
Light fader 1 LUCON TLC-150
Hand mades...
cubic projection surface 1 with 100V AC lamp
projector stands 4 for CPJ-200
tiny lamps 4 with 1.5V battery