T e l e - M a t a r i

The virtual Matarisama space

"Tele-Matari" let you play Matarisama with robots or "Matarers" from all over the world on the internet.
Just download the Tele-Matari client software and connect Tele-Matari server.
You can watch the Matarisama as an audience or you can join and play as a Matarer in the circle of Matarisama !

Download "Tele-Matari client v2.0" software!

ver2.1 for Mac OSX Application (1.6MB .SIT file)

ver2.1 for Mac OSX MAX-Runtime (658KB .SIT file)

ver2.1 for Mac OS9 Application (691KB .SIT file)

ver2.1 for Mac OS9 MAX-Runtime (178KB .SIT file)

So easy to play Matarisama with Tele-Matari !
First of all please be sure that you know the rules of "Suzu-Kake"

1. Start the "Tele-Matari" software

2. Click "connect" button once

- after this point you are in the "Audience" mode and will see eight robot/human players are already playing together-

3. Please confirm your player's number

4. Please confirm your latest state ("SUZU" or "KAKE") in "state" box
(Please be sure, you are English - not in Japnese! - key input mode. Return key for "SUZU" and space key for "KAKE" on your keyboards)

5. You can join to play Matarisama by choosing "Play" mode using pop up menue
(insted of robot player of your number)

6. You can take a rest by choosing "Audience" mode again

Enjoy !

Tele-Matari: software designed by Yuki Shibata, graphic designed by Yosuke Hayashi, concept by Masahiro Miwa, supported by IAMAS (2004)