Click image to look at the real Matarisama dolls
Matarisama Doll is an ExOR logical operating device with a one bit memory using a water stream. The Right and Left sides of a balance are the inputs and correspond to 1 or 0, and the outputs are bamboo gutters connected to the inputs of the next Matarisama doll.
A wick delivers water to one of two reservoirs, representing the two memory states. When water enters an input basket, it causes the reservoir to empty into one of the outputs. At the same time, the water pushes a bar which is connected to the wick by strings. These strings switch the position of the wick from one reservoir to the other.



Water from the previous doll causes water from the reservoir to be delivered to one of the two output gutters, depending on the memory state represented by the position of the wick.
The eight dolls are arranged in a circle with each doll's outputs connected to the doll in front of it. The process proceeds from one doll to the next in an endless loop.


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