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laptop orchestra is a network and realtime sound project started in 2002. The intention is to free the performers from any logical and musical planned, composed or programmed intention .
Each time, an invited guest produces the sound source that is sent into the network of laptops. Laptopers must answer in real time to a sound material made unstable by the manipulation of the others.For each concert, new performers joined the laptop orchestra which make the project even more evolutive.
Concerts: 2008.02 Washington DC-USA, 2006.11-12 Seoul-Korea, 2006.6.23 Gaien-Mae Temple,
Tokyo, 2005.3.15 Super Deluxe Tokyo, 2005.4.01 EchoSonore Lyon-FR, 2005.4.02 Les voutes Paris-FR
2005.4.08 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam-Holland ...

cd/r, sound installation, 2002

the cd/r installation consists of 50 cd-r, 4 cd players and 8 migniature speakers.

Each Cd-r contains one single loopmade of an electronic tone or texture. The viewer are invited to compose their own soundscape by picking cd-r and playing them randomly.

exhibition 2002: "line, surface, noise" at Rocket Gallery, Tokyo

accelerated surfaces, opera project, 45 mn, 1999

This project is based on the japanese concept of superflatness. Two electronic voices (male and female) talk about any aspects that tends to flatten or render abstract our social life: identity card, TV dramas, fiction melodies, world brand icons. large scale advertising and credit cards. The music is made of various sound materials [electronics frequencies, traditional japanese music, chinese pop, drum'n bass, hip-hop, field recordings, noise].These sounds are mixed in real time , with the idea to generate "sound platforms": moments where heterogenous sounds are mixed equally and simultaneously and create a well balanced musical figure.

performance: Iamas, Ogaki-Japan, June 1999

phhat "killing small bugs" cd-r cover

Lauryn howl "cut and collage" at
[And A] Sappro store
photo © Shift Magazine, 2006

Philippe Chatelain performs sound mix and live under various monikers:
phhat for live generates electronic tones/textures
lauryn howl for 20th contemporary and experimental music mix
stereo panda for electro-rock and other beat related music mix

excerpt from Shift Magazine 12_2006:
Philippe Chatelain, a media artist who's been based in Japan since 1997, brought an excitement to the event with his "sound collage" which has various music elements of from 20th century to present days. He is also an artist who made the fresco painting in size of 30m for the opening memorial of Sapporo JR Tower. When you visit And A Sapporo, have a look and enjoy his painting work too.

phhat "pulsing knee" on the Oral-extension V.A. by Odorico label, 2004

past live and mix (selection):
2007.07.05 FID/FMR Marseille-Fr
2006.10 And a stores of Kobe, Sendai, Sapporo
2003.05.17 Half-placard with Shigehiro Tsubota at Tsukiji Mansion, Tokyo
2003.01.14 Heavy Sick Zero, Nakano, Tokyo
2002.11.17 Club Milk, Ebisu, Tokyo
2002.09.21 Gallery Tn'Probe-Hanae Mori, Harajuku
2002.08.09 Club Daughter, Nagoya
2002.02.15 Canolfan Gallery, Nagoya, "Semantics"
2001.12.15 Neutron Cafe, Gifu, "Nu-tronic"
2001.11.24 Canolfan Gallery, Nagoya, "Telekmusik tour"
2001.11.23 Cafe Independent, Kyoto
2001.11.17 CAY, Aoyama, "Batofar tokyo 2001"