"iScratch (beta ver.)"



iScratch (beta) is the software which enables to scratch audio files like analog record using iPod's touch wheel.

iScratch Feature

  • Works with linux OS Karnel and Podzilla GUI installation.
  • I re-writed the pre-installed open source audio play program of Pozilla to be able to scratch audio files.
  • Only Plays WAV audio formatted files.
  • Enable to scratch and reverse.
*This is beta version. When it freezes, please reboot the iPod.

Scratching Music

First select "Scratchings" of main menu and next select "Playback". Then you can see the list of music. Choose one and play. Move your thumb along the touch wheel to scratch music.

Installing ipodlinux (linuxOS Karnel and Build Podzilla iPod GUI environment)

Refer the Sites of lowr lines. Download files and install on your iPod.

Install iScratch

Now under construction. I will upload how to install page.

Last Update 2005/08/06
Shosei OISHI
Copyright (c) 2005 International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences and Shosei OISHI, All Rights Reserved.