1993 9th NICOGRAPH Diffused Ray Tracing(WORD)
1996 12th NICOGRAPH Gregory Triangular Patch (PDF, WORD)
1997 13th NICOGRAPH Particle Mapping (PDF, WORD)
1998 14th NICOGRAPH Network Communication based on the ICON of common language (PDF, WORD)
1999 15th NICOGRAPH Anti-aliasing for super sampling(PDF,WORD)
2000 16th NICOGRAPH Pixel less sampling(WORD)


1983〜5 Tsukuba Expo'85 Fujitsu pavilion
The first in the world of  IMAX DOME 3D full CG animation
「The Universe」 CG director
1987 「Mobile Suit GUNDOM〜Char's Counter Attack」 planning
1988〜90 Osaka Expo'90 Fujitsu pavilion
The first in the world of IMAX SOLID movie
「The Universe2 −The echo of Sun」 supervisor


1986 personal links (renderer) development of database
1986〜8 MIMD parallel rendering computer LINKS-2
design & development of OS & special C compiler
1991〜95 CG software for Windows . renderer (RayCustom)、 modeler (MdlCustom)、 animation (AnmCustom) etc..
design & development  & publication of shareware


1990 The story of  Ray Tracing (ASCII)


1986 Sunrise scenario contest . Special prize.
1999 「KidsTalk」 Edutainment foram'99. Grand prize.
2001 「The old home」 Animation festival 2001 in Suginami Grand prize.