The theories and methodologies of design are not rules that must be strictly followed, but are rather lenses through which one looks at the world in order to understand complex issues. In order to deeply understand and learn these concepts, it is important to not merely know them as information, but to experience them hands-on. In this class, we focus on service design, a topic with which the two instructors have practical experience in the field, and read recent books, articles and papers on the subject. At the same time, we will actually experience parts of the methodologies we study in order to deepen our understanding. In this way, students will enhance their thinking by studying the methodologies, theories, and endeavours of people who came before, serving as valuable references for their personal graduate research.


The basic format of the course is as follows: Each student is assigned papers from the appointed list. The student will carefully read and summarize the text, then give a presentation. Based on this, we will deepen our understanding through a discussion from the class members' perspectives. This will be repeated each session.
Note: English will be the basic language of communication.


Students will take turns reading and presenting, and the class will have a discussion based on this.


Appropriate texts in English or Japanese will be decided when the course begins. For your reference, last year we read English papers related to service design.