IAMAS Action Plan


Since its founding, IAMAS has held the basic objective of educating expressionists and researchers that create new culture by, based on its mission, reexamining the act of creation from a wider outlook, and by fusing scientific, technical skills with artistic creations that accompany philosophic/ideological perceptions. In an age faced with a large social revolution due to globalization, creation of innovation that will change social systems, and even our sense of values, is strongly sought after. While looking towards the various trends of a modern society, the creation of episteme – the origin of IAMAS’s “ideals and objective” – connects to the implementation of society’s sustainable development. Consequently, we aim for the connection of this to social and cultural contributions, and hereby institute the “IAMAS Action Plan.”

IAMAS Vision

IAMAS will continue to explore how new people and people living in a changing new environment should be through media expressions in modern civilization while reconfirming its founding principle of fusing art and science.

IAMAS Policies

Since its founding, IAMAS has implemented the following three philosophies

1 Education: Learning from failure

IAMAS conducts its education via the active interaction of professionals of various areas. It is there that, unlike the real world, students are permitted to “fail” in their creations and research. By failing, students consider the various standpoints and backgrounds in their creations and research, and acquire a freer creation/research perspective and attitude.

2 Society: Creating social expectations

Society always carries some “expectation” of IAMAS. However, it is not enough to simply respond to that expectation. It is important to attempt to conversely and newly create social expectations and needs via the achievements of the art, design, engineering, etc. produced by IAMAS. IAMAS aims to connect to society through that.

3 Culture: Cultivating the IAMAS Spirit

Here at IAMAS, we allow failure and create social expectations. We consider this new method of dealing with education and society to be the “IAMAS spirit.” And, by focusing a historical and critical gaze on the things students and faculty create, from this IAMAS spirit, we continue to shape and explore the grand world outlook and world implementation that is “IAMAS culture.”

Predominant Policies

1 Education: Provision of an IAMAS-style education

The IAMAS educational policy, in which faculty and students of different fields and backgrounds teach each other and also positively learn from failure, is extremely important for fostering the talented people who will be creating the future. In the creation of new societies, it is becoming important to learn the process of creating ideas while having a critical outlook for the future, give those ideas shape, and re-question their significance in society. At IAMAS, in order to educate people who will create those future societies, we will be providing opportunities to students and society to put an IAMAS-style education into effect.

2 Society: Creation of social expectation via wide-reaching collaborations

To create a new future and society, creation of new social expectations is necessary. Until now, IAMAS has always been involved with the creation of new art, manufacturing, and design. We will promote future social creation while increasing opportunities for creating this social expectation and cooperating with a variety of people.

3 Culture: Transmission of IAMAS culture and network enhancement

IAMAS has been highly acclaimed both within Japan and overseas. As such we will be transmitting even more of the IAMAS culture, which we have been producing on a global level, to national and international societies. At the same time, by enhancing the network between IAMAS and graduates, partners and supporters, we can broadly and deeply establish IAMAS culture – which has precise criticality and predictability – into society.