Art Theory A (Information × Art)

In this class, we deepen our understanding of forms of creation like music, video, and media art while combining the perspectives of actual creators. Out of the 15 class sessions, 12 will be divided into three parts, and each instructor will lead the part that falls under his field of expertise. In the music/composing section, we will consider the significance of music in media society, focusing on “algorithmic composition,” a method of music composition born alongside computer music in the 20th century. In the “video art” section, students will get an overview of the history of film and video. They will analyze video creation through media art, contemporary art, documentary, and experimental film. The “media art” section will deepen students’ understanding of the history of and recent trends in the art form, particularly focusing on the field of bio art. The instructors will conduct the remaining three classes together. In these sessions, the class will engage in discussion.

Course Format

Lecture and discussion

Course Plan/Overview

Session 1 (Miwa, Maeda, Castro) Media art today (1)
Session 2 (Maeda 1) Early film / video and sound
Session 3 (Meda 2) Experimental film / animation / video art
Session 4 (Maeda 3) The expansion of the screen and live creation
Session 5 (Maeda 4) Photography / contemporary video
Session 6 (Miwa 1) Technology and voice 1 : sound waves and algorithm, two fields of computer music
Session 7 (Miwa 2) Technology and voice 2 : the Formont brothers : media theory
Session 8 (Miwa 3) Trying out matarisama
Session 9 (Miwa 4) What is Reverse Simulation Music?
Session 10 (Castro 1) The history of media art
Session 11 (Castro 2) Recent media art
Session 12 (Castro 3) Bio art 1
Session 13 (Castro 4) Bio art 2
Session 14 (Miwa Maeda Castro) Media art today (2)
Session 15 (Miwa Maeda Castro) Media art today (3)

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

These will be designated or distributed in class.

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