Art Theory C (Media × Art)

The form of creative expression called Media art – which came onto the scene in the beginning of the 1990’s, incorporating upgradable information technology and spanning multiple disciplines – is not just an unprecedented method of connecting old and new media. It can also be thought of as a movement of inventing new media, a way of being that breaks with pre-existing frames. Our day to day lives have started to transform dramatically due to natural disasters and the environment, energy problems, media-mediated spectacles and excessive reliance on these, as well as communication typified by social media. In these times, we must consider anew the significance and potential of media art. This may lead us to reconsider our existence as humans and our relationship to the world.In each class, the guiding instructors will give examples in line with the course’s theme from each of their perspectives; then, we will raise, analyze, and examine various related issues. We anticipate a positive exchange of ideas through classroom discussion.


Course Format

Lecture and discussion

Course Plan/Overview

Session 1 and 2 (10/11 all faculty members in charge + Shikata) : instructor talk session | the development of media art
Session 3 and 4 (10/25 Shikata) : the perspective of “boundary studies”
Session 5 and 6 (11/1 Shikata) : Life and media art
Session 7 (11/14 Maebayahi) : About “interaction”
Session 8 (11/15 Maebayashi) : Media and intellect
Session 9 (11/29 Maebayashi) : Technology that creates place
Session 10 (12/5 Maebayashi) : Place / sense / media (1)
Session 11 (12/6 Maebayashi) : Place / sense / media (2)
Session 12 (12/13 Akamatsu) : Historical changes in mobility
Session 13 (1/10 Akamatsu) : Social strategies for mobility
Session 14 (1/16 Akamatsu) : Changes in the cognition of reality
Session 15 (1/24 Akamatsu) : The bodily rotation of reality

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Reference Materials

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