Design Theory A (Information × Design)

As people’s interests and their desired objects of consumption shift from material goods to information, we see a change in values: where before people desired to own things, they now desire the right to use that thing when necessary. On the other hand, the transmission of information, cost of access, and the amount of information one can deal with is continuously increasing. At times, emotions and conduct are jumbled about due to the quality of information on the side of the sender inconsistent with the recipient’s ability to analyze it.

Each instructor will bring forward topics related to “technology,” a concept situated between “information” and “design,” in order to search for other choices and possibilities available to us today, a time in which much emphasis is placed on rationality. We will deepen our discussion, each speaking from different perspectives about how the relationship between information and design has changed from the past to the present and how this information has kept pace with technology.

Course Format

Lecture and discussion.

Course Plan/Overview

1. Introduction : Each instructor’s research and lesson plan
2. Arts and crafts and the mingei movement (what is design?)
3. Arts and crafts and the mingei movement (Morris)
4. Arts and crafts and the mingei movement (mingei)
5. Transitions in media from an artist’s perspective
6. Transitions in media (interactive art)
7. Transitions in media (interaction design)
8. Japanese design at the dawning of a new era
9. Japanese designers
10. Non-Japanese designers
11. Eras of design : branding
12. Eras of design : product
13. Eras of design : corporate
14. Presentation
15. Presentation + conclusion

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

These will be distributed as necessary.

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