General Studies B (Representation and Culture Theory)

In order to comprehend the realistic and contemporary issues of media creation (here, media creation is not limited to activities like art and design, but also includes vast and more minute social and mental creation. Likewise, critiquing or commenting on these creations is also included in the category of media creation) we will look at examples of various eras, figures, and works to trigger us to self-consciously consider if thought = will = preference is necessary or possible for us as creators and researchers. We aim to focus on the extent to which this can explain our so-called world. Perhaps we could express this by saying that, using a unique interpretation of the world, we, who have been thrown into the world, will learn intellectual techniques to reclaim ourselves. In that sense, we can say that this series of lectures takes on aspects of representation and culture theory.


Course Format


Course Plan/Overview

Session 1 What is “what is ‘body theory?’”
Session 2 The body theory triangle
Session 3 Translating body theory
Session 4 The “birthing machines” remark and body theory
Session 5 L’homme machine and body theory
Session 6 Artificial and organic bodies
Session 7 Body theory as gift exchange theory
Session 8 Body modification theory
Session 9 Identity in body theory
Session 10 Thanatology and body theory
Session 11 Tezuka Osamu and body theory
Session 12 Cosmetic surgery and transplant surgery
Session 13 Introduction to medicine and body theory
Session 14 Medical anthropology and body theory
Session 15 Body theory that is not the study of the human body

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Reference Materials

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