General Studies C (Media・The Environment・Art)

This class is a historical overview of media art spanning from the post World War II period to the present. One characteristic of the class is the different specialty fields of its three instructors; it aims to share an interdisciplinary perspective, considering the relationship between media technology, the media environment, and modern art. We would like students to gain a foundation from which to apply logical thinking to media creation through these lectures, constructing their own media creation research contents ( that is, their own historical viewpoint) in preparation for their second year work and thesis.

Course Format

Lecture, discussion.

Course Plan/Overview

There will be a total of 15 lectures. In general, the three lecturers will speak about a particular topic from the perspective of their specialization and field. (The schedule is listed below, but it may change depending on the length of discussions and the progress of the class.)

1st Session Guidance
2nd Session 20th Century Art History
3rd Session Video and Animation
4th Session Discussion
5th Session 1970 (Expo ‘70, Osaka), 1985 (Expo ‘85, Tsukuba) – The Idea and Expression of Relay Broadcasting.
6th Session The End of the Cold War and the Creation of the Media Art Public Sphere
7th Session Discussion
8th Session 1996 – 2000: Interactive Art
9th Session Discussion
10th Session 2001- 2005: Software・Art
11th Session Discussion
12th Session 2006 – 2010: The Change in the Media Environment due to Smartphones
13th Session Discussion
14th Session 2011-2019: The media environment after the earthquake

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

These will be distributed in class as necessary. For example:
Other materials include periodicals, exhibition catalogs, etc.

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