General Studies C (Cultural Resources)

We will consider documentation and works of contemporary art from the way in which artwork is distributed. Against the backdrop of the diversification of media into forms like photography, video, printing, telecommunications, computers, transient artistic expressions without original forms came on to the scene. Artwork that connects with society is gathering attention in the field of anthropology. Besides examples where archival documentation was used to record research and exhibitions, through interest in archives of derivative works, the context of media creation research, a clue to the historical context of media creation research, we want students to have a foundation for implementing logic thought about media creation.


Imura Yasuko , Watanabe Yohko , Sato Tomohisa

Course Format

Lecture, discussion

Course Plan/Overview

15 lecture sessions. The three instructors will talk about a designated theme from their area of expertise.


(See the schedule below. Subject to change depending on how the class progresses)


Session 1 4/15 (Wednesday)  Guidance (Imura)

Session 2 4/24 (Friday) 20th Century Art History – How media is used changes art (Imura)

Session 3 4/24 (Friday) 20th Century Art History – The public sphere created by the internet (Imura)

Session 4 5/1 (Friday) Fieldwork 2.0 – Fieldwork in the contemporary world (Sato)

Session 5 2/1 (Friday) Creating community archives (Sato)

Session 6 5\7 (Thursday) Community archives created by people who make, see, and think – Junzo Sakagura’s architecture(Imura)

Session 7 5/7 (Thursday) Archives and derivate artwork – The Site of Reversible Destiny AR (Imura)

Session 8 5/8 (Friday) Art and derivative artwork (Sato)

Session 9 5/8 (Friday) Artists making archives (Sato)

Session 10 5/15 (Friday) Architecture archives (Watanabe)

Session 11 5/15 (Friday) Preserving and remaining/ Media and documentation Video Information Center (VIC) (Watanabe)

Session 12 6/2 (Tuesday) Shigeo Anzai and Ko Nakajima’s exhibits and the Tokyo Bienialle (Watanabe)

Session 13 6/2 (Tuesday) Preserving and restoring the works of Enrico Isamu Oyama (Watanabe)

Session 14 6/5 (Friday) Media art archives (Imura)

Session 15 6/5 (Friday) Discussion (Imura)

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