Information Society Theory B (Body × Society)

“Information and Society” viewed from the lens of Cultural Representation Studies becomes “Body and City.” Of course, “body” does not only refer to people’s bodies, and “city” does not only refer to a space where people live and work. The city can be interpreted as a body; and at the same time, the body can be read as a city. These form a fragile but continuous relatum barely connected by an “and.” However, we cannot exist without either one of those elements. In that way, we will introduce excellent examples from the past in an attempt to extrapolate upon these to determine the extent to which the body exhibits characteristics of the city. Our goal is for students to experience in the classroom the dynamism of the body and the city, two elements which sometimes show the same aspect, and at other times excite intractable conflict.


Course Format

The three professors will each lead solo lectures as well as discussion format classes.

Course Plan/Overview

  • Benjamin on the city
  • Benjamin on photography
  • Beckett on theatre
  • Beckett on the city
  • Barthes on photography
  • Barthes on criticism
  • Foucault on insanity
  • Foucault on the prison

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

These will be introduced in class.

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