Information Society Theory C (Media×Society)

Historically, it can be said that general media began as an instrument of war; but, following that, mass media developed and has come to have a close influence our daily lives. However, mass media’s conventional role is about end, and its future diversification is predicted. When we take this societal background into account, it becomes necessary not to passively absorb media as in the past, but rather to select and use the proper media after grasping its characteristics, or to customize it depending on the situation; and, furthermore, to create it oneself. For that purpose, this course will leap beyond conventional perspectives to try and grasp the present diversification of media from new angles. We will also examine and analyze a wide array of examples. Our goal is to explore new proposals derived from these case studies, and to search for an ideal image of future media.


Course Format

Classroom lecture, presentations, workshops, etc.

Course Plan/Overview

1. Course Introduction + Media and Society
We will outline the course, take up the issue of media’s contemporary state, and get a general overview of the relationship between media and society, and perhaps media and the individual.

2-4. Methods for Investigating Media and Society
We will look at the tangent of media and society in the internet age through variegated points of view, and we will learn about processes and mechanisms for designing them.

5-7. Extracting Issues of Media and Society
We will examine the current situation of media and society through research and fieldwork, and we will attempt to extract problems from this.Through research, we will investigate the current state of media and society and attempt to identify issues.

8-11. Analysis and Proposals Concerning Media and Society
We will simultaneously explore a new value analysis of the problems we identified and propose ways of addressing them. We will use this to concretely test the methods and mechanisms that we have previously learned.

12-14. The Future of Media and Society
We will examine the trial results of our proposed media and think about the future of media and society.

15. Summary and Conclusion

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

These will be distributed or indicated as necessary.

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