Research of References

This class is about researching for a thesis from a decisively universal standpoint. Regardless of genre or field, students will learn how to search for, read, and understand relevant literature. They will need these skills to write their graduate theses, one of the final products of their time at IAMAS. In this class, we place articles and literature under the broader category of “writing.” Rather than taking this writing as an object of aesthetic criticism or as a tool to use in our own writing, we will slink quietly into the world of the writing and measure its relevance to our research. Needless to say, reading is a near limitless process involving, for example, starting with a relevant article then moving on to the works it references. We will look for articles, read them, and talk about them. While the writing of an essay is often done a the last minute, we aim to simultaneously connect reading with writing.


Course Format

Seminar format

Course Plan/Overview

The first class session will serve as a an introduction to the concepts of “thesis” and “thesis research.” From the second session, participants will bring in materials that they need to reference for their own writing, share them with the class, and present and discuss their writing.

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