Yasuhiko Ando

A contemporary artist born in Shiga Prefecture in 1953. As part of the art unit “KOSUGI+ANDO,” Ando has been creating installations that feature adaptations of well-known stories since 1983. Since the 90s, he has assimilated computer-controlled images and objects into his artwork; through these works, he ponders the influence that technology exerts on our lives. In addition to this, he has also worked as the director for “SKIN DIVE – Open the Circuit to the Senses” (Kyoto Art Center, 1999) and the Gifu Ogaki Biennale 2013-2015.

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Contemporary artist (KOSUGI+ANDO)

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  • Contemporary Art


1973.04 - 1977.03
Kyoto University, Faculty of Science, Department of Bio-physics
1977.04 - 1981.03
Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Western Painting


1981.04 - 1986.03
Kyoto University of Education-Special Needs School, Teacher
1986.04 - 1994.03
Kyoto East Municipal School for Special Needs, Teacher
1994.04 - 2003.03
Seian College of Art and Design, Design Course, Assistant Professor
2003.04 - 2007.03
Seikei University, Art Department, Design Course, Professor

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