Q1. What is the school environment like?

A. Each student is given their own deskspace and at least one computer (Win/Mac). Depending on their individual research topics, students may apply for additional computers, audio and video equipment, and use of workshops and other school facilities.

Q2. Tell me about the curriculum.

A. A wide variety of classes are taught at IAMAS. Students have seminars for each studio, work alongside faculty on projects, workshops, and other research, and take general courses including English and Math. Lecturers are also invited from outside the school to come teach classes.

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About Admissions

Q3. I would like to apply for admission into IAMAS. Are there any admission conditions?

The Institute accepts students who have at least graduated from a university. There are students with backgrounds in art, engineering, philosophy, and culture here at IAMAS. There are also a number of overseas students here studying abroad.
*The Academy is no longer accepting new students. The last graduating class was admitted in the Spring 2010 semester.
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Q4. Do foreigners have to take the entrance exam in Japanese?

A. Foreign applicants can choose either Japanese or English.

Q5. I would like to tour IAMAS.

A. We occasionally hold tours for prospective students and others wishing to view the facilities. Please refer to the information at the top of the page regarding scheduling a tour.


Q6. Is there a student dormitory?

Yes. RIST, the student dormitory, is located in a residential area 1.3km from IAMAS. It features affordable rent and comfortable rooms. The dorm is located nearby Ogaki station, making it easy to travel to other areas.

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