Design Engineering Seminar

In the development of industrial equipment for mass production, design and engineering have been distinguished and specialized. In general, the linear process of “planning”, “designing”, and “manufacturing”, is achieved through the collaboration of people with specialized knowledge and skills assigned to each stage. Whoever, when confronting the many problems we face today, the traditional processes are not always effective. In light of that, the focus of the attention is on design engineering, which integrates the knowledge and skills of both design and engineering.
In this class, along with learning the basic knowledge of both hardware and software required for design-engineering, students will also experience the creative process of repeating the steps from “conception”, “idea development”, “prototyping”, and “verification”, through actual production.


Akabane Kyo , Aoki Seiya , Osawa Satoru

Course Format

Lecture, seminar, creation

After attending lectures and seminars about the basics of this manufacturing technology, students will divide into groups to create and present data visualization pieces using data obtained by sensor-equipped devices.

Course Plan/Overview

  • Introduction
  • M5Stack 101 (Introduction, maintaining the development environment, programming)
  • TouchDesigner 101 (Introduction, maintaining the development environment, creating visuals, interactive programming)
  • M5Stack 102 (Sensor input, network communication, connecting devices)
  • TouchDesigner 102 (3D data, data visualization)
  • Applying TouchDesigner (connecting devices, simulation, debugging)
  • Creating artwork
  • Presentation and critique

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

None in particular. To be distributed in class if necessary

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