General Studies B (Representation×Culture)

Media Creation (what we call media creation is not limited to art and design but includes a wider and more precise range of social action and mental expression. The category also includes commentary and critique about creations. To understand realistic and contemporary problems, we will look at examples of various eras and leading figures. Self-consciouslessly examining the causes about what is possible and necessary for researchers to think, intend, and try. The contents will focus on how to interpret the world. You could say that we want to study intellectual techniques to recover ourselves who have been thrown into the world An original interpretation of the world. In that sense, this class presents the modality of Representation and Culture Theory.


Kobayashi Masahiro , Tagawa Tomoko

Course Plan/Overview

Class 1: What is Body Theory? What is it?
Class 2: The Japanese Body – The Body of Noh Play
Class 3: The Japanese Body – The Boday of Dance
Class 4: Theory of Literature and Humanities Part 1
Class 5: Theory of Literature and Humanities Part 2
Class 6: Standing Coffin Theory – Tatsumi Hijakata and Dark Butoh
Class 7: Trepanation 〜 Cultural Anthropological Theory of the Body
Class 8: Body Modification Theory
Class 9: Identity in Body Theory
Class 10: History of Calendars and Calligraphy
Class 11: Cosplay and Avatars
Class 12: Introduction to Medical Philosophy
Class 13: Poetics of Illness
Class 14: Beyond Thanatology
Class 15: Stiff Shoulders as a Physical Manifestation

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

To be introduced in class as necessary

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