General Studies C (Cultural Resources)

In art, the choice of media and the way it is used to express oneself can be said to indicate the creator’s thoughts and attitude. In today’s world, the relationship between the means of creation and the places where it is conveyed is individualized and diversified, yet closely related, and the media technologies that support them are not immune to surveillance, censorship, standardization, and homogenization under global capitalism. How artistic expression selectively uses media to connect with society is also noteworthy from an anthropological perspective. Through examples of the use of archival materials in research and exhibition, as well as secondary productions by artists and exhibition planning, we hope to provide clues for constructing a historical perspective in the context of media creation research and to acquire the thinking that will form the basis for master’s research.


Matsui Shigeru , Imura Yasuko , Watanabe Yohko , Sato Tomohisa

Course Format

Lecture, discussion

Course Plan/Overview

Class 1: 4/13(Wednesday)5 Period Guidance(Matsui)
Class 2: 4/22(Friday)3 Period ”Researching”―Fieldwork as a Way to Enter the Modern World(2.1)(Sato)
Class 3: 4/22(Friday)4 Period ”Remaking the Way we Communicate”―Media Origins and Community Archive(Sato)
Class 4: 4/28(Thursday)4 Period A Community Archive of Creators, Residents, and Viewers –Junzo Sakakura Architecture(Imura)
Class 5: 4/28(Thursday)5 Period Archiving Activity and Derivative Work — Site of Reversible Destiny AR(Imura)
Class 6: 5/2(Monday)1 Period Architectural Archive of the User Mind: Realizing and Archiving Everyday Architecture(Watanabe)*Online
Class 7: 5/2(Monday)2 Period Things left behind and things we leave behind/Media and Documentation (Gestures of the Video Information Center(VIC))+Documents and Works(Shigeo Anzai’s Work)(Watanabe)
Class 8: 5/6(Friday)1 Period Discussion(Sato、Watanabe、Imura、Matsui) *Online
Class 9: 5/6(Friday)2 Period Student Presentations *Online
Class 10: 5/13(Friday)4 Period Performance Studies of Creation – Cultural Common Capital and the Next Creation(Sato)
Class 11: 5/13(Friday)5 Period Archiving for Creation – Recorded by an Artist(Sato)
Class 12: 5/31(Tuesday)3 Period Object-Based Learning 1(Watanabe)
Class 13: 5/31(Tuesday)4 Period Object-Based Learning 2(Watanabe)
Class 14: 6/3(Friday)4 Period Media Art Archives(Imura)
Class 15: 6/3(Friday)5 Period Discussion(Matsui)

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