Information Engineering Seminar

In our daily lives, technology that handles all sorts of information is used without us even noticing it. If you just use technology, there is no need to fully understand the inner workings of technology and no real harm is being used. However, for those who conduct research on media creation, a deep understanding of the technology, including its mechanisms, is required to be able to create superior works and perform tasks.
In this class, we will take up specific technologies that will be necessary for research and creation in the future, and learn about them, including what makes them work. In the first half of the class, students will learn the technology mainly through classroom lectures, while in the second half, they will implement the technology into their own tasks, present the results, and explore the future of the technology.
We will go over the specifics of the tasks in class.

Course Format

Lecture and seminar

Course Plan/Overview

Session 1: Introduction (lecture on the targets of information technology and such)
Sessions 2 and 3: Preparation of a Development environment (connect to your computer and prepare the environment to run the samples) and introduce the topic
Sessions 4 and 5: Lecture related to the topic as well as a detailed explanation
Sessions 6 and 7: Workshop on the topic
Sessions 8 through 12: Each student will be given time for implementation (the teacher will provide an opportunity to ask questions and make comments about the content)
Sessions 13 and 14: Presentation of results
Session 15: Summary

(Workshops and other activities will be held as needed in between)

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

None in particular. To be distributed in class if necessary

Information from IAMAS