Interactive Media Seminar

Focusing on a particular kind of material, we will experience creating constitutive pieces to discover and make use of the potentiality contained within this material. As we use this designated material as a medium, through repeated trials, we will experientially uncover the techniques and vocabulary that this material makes possible. Next, we will share these discoveries with all participants and create a complex structure and form while referencing and citing one another. Finally, we will create an art piece that is related to each research team. This artwork will be presented in whatever format the groups choose; after that, we will discuss the results of our work.


Course Format

Lecture, creation, and discussion

Course Plan/Overview

Day 1:
Introduction (Explanation of the purpose of the class)
Touch, process, and familiarize yourself with the material

Day 2:
Techniques and vocabulary for writing
Sharing and remixing techniques

Day 3:
Producing works

Day 4:
Presentation of works
Record of works and production

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

To be introduced in class as necessary

Information from IAMAS