Thesis Writing

Thesis writing, from a decisively universal position, regardless of genre or specialty, methods of looking up and reading relevant literature necessary for writing their master’s thesis, is one of the final results of a student’s tenure at IAMAS.

In this class, students learn how to find and read relevant literature necessary for writing their master’s thesis – from a decidedly universal standpoint regardless of genre or specialty. We do not look at these texts as an object of aesthetic criticism or a shared tool to be used for writing; rather, we will consider papers and literature under the broad category of ‘writings’; and, by first immersing ourselves in the world of the text, we will measure its compatibility with our own research. Needless to say, reading is a practically limitless task, with references cited in relevant texts pointing us to further reading. We will look up texts, then read and discuss them. We aim to connect reading with writing, an activity that will extend through the thesis-writing process.


Course Format

For the first lecture, we will be going over “Writing a thesis” and “Thesis research. From the second lecture on, the course varies depending on the instructor, but the common goal of the course is to help students to improve their ability to read and understand references that are necessary for writing a thesis, summarizing, giving presentations, and speaking, all to help them prepare for their master’s thesis. In addition, students learn various techniques, devices, and tips for writing papers, while referring to specific examples. In other words, a thesis can only be written when all three requirements (reading, writing, and speaking ) are met. Therefore, we will literally be doing “thesis research” under the guidance of each instructor with the goal of upgrading our individual abilities.

Course Plan/Overview

In the first session, the class will be introduced to theses and thesis-writing. From the second session onward, participants will share texts they intend to reference for their thesis, then present, discuss, and write about them.

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