Community Resilience Research

A geological era called the Anthropocene has been proposed, in which new strata are formed by fossilized remains of things that are continuously produced, consumed, and discarded in large quantities. This indicates the industrial revolution and other factors have brought about environmental changes on a level comparable to that of an asteroid impact or a major volcanic eruption. For us standing at the critical changing point for humanity, what do we need to value in order to live a strong and flexible life? What is it that we should leave for the world to come?
In this project, we will look at the world around us as a social ecosystem where nature and society are connected, and consider the resilience necessary to survive in it. With this big picture in mind, through practical fieldwork in small mountain communities, we will think about community resilience, which has the ability to endure stress and transformation in an overconsuming and risky society and is able to respond flexibly.


Research Representative(s): Kanayama Tomoko
Research Member(s): Kobayashi Takahiro , Yoshida Shigeki

Research Plan

This year we will focus on the following 3 activities

  1. Practice and record fieldwork based on individual interests and concerns. 
  2. Using what you have recorded, you will create and present your own work.
  3. Organize an exhibition at a public institution with local people and publish the research results. 

Research Period

2020 - Present

Information from IAMAS