Community Resilience Research

The Anthropocene has been proposed as a geological era in which the industrial revolution has brought about a level of environmental change on par with that of an asteroid impact or major volcanic eruption. What do we need to value in order to live a strong and flexible life at this point of great change for humanity? What is it that we should leave for future generations? It is important to look at the current situation of declining culture and economy from the Anthropocene perspective, even in local communities there are population decreases and vacant houses increases due to the declining birthrate and aging population. It is also essential to consider care community resilience, which is the ability to respond flexibly while enduring these stresses.
In this project, through the fieldwork in the mountainous areas of Gifu Prefecture, we will look at changes over a long period of time and think about the community resilience of the 21st century while learning about the people and organisms that practice different techniques and arts while living in the midst of these changes.


Research Representative(s): Kanayama Tomoko
Research Member(s): Kobayashi Takahiro , Yoshida Shigeki

Research Plan

This year we will focus on the following activities:

  1. Implementing and recording fieldwork based on each participant’s interests
  2. Creating and presenting our own work based on what we have recorded.

Research Period

2020 - Present

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