Enhanced Experience Expression Project

Real-time, interactive experiences require a high level of technology and the means of creation and content to master technology. We will build an experience space that fuses real space and imaginary space through xR technology such as AR, MR, and VR, as well as an experience that uses music and images, all by using live coding which incorporates creative coding and creation, made possible through the coding and creation skills. In addition, we will experience enhancement through advanced technology and expression and its rapid evolution, including the compounding experiences through the use of various senses other than sight and sound. This project aims to create a new extension of experience by using technology and researching advanced creation suitable for technology. By collaborating with the Nxpc.Lab Music Event, we will effectively use it as a place to develop our research and promote practical research that integrates research and development.


Research Representative(s): Hirabayashi Masami
Research Member(s): Maeda Shinjiro , Kobayashi Takahiro

Research Plan

Based on the goal of augmenting experience, we will consider the essence of experience from various aspects such as technology, cognitive science, and creation methods. Along with, investigating the elements required to achieve the input-output sequences and building the technical foundation to realize it. In order to construct a representation that can be applied as an advanced representation.

Specifically, we will develop a series of technical methods using the following: input from various sensors to acquire biometric information including video and audio; the processing of input data including cloud computing and deep learning; output from visual, auditory, and tactile sense using xR (AR, MR, VR); and feedback to the body. At the same time, we will discuss how to improve the quality of expression of the experience beyond the framework of art and entertainment. In particular, through our joint activities with NxPX.Lab, we will develop practical research through experiments and demonstrations in various stages. 

While surveying the tools for Xr technology, creation, and the various sensors, we will produce a study that connects technology to creation in preparation for the Open House. At the same time, we will develop and operate a platform for experimentation and creation in the activities of NxPC.Lab. In the first year, we aim to develop a system of creation that expands experience, based on the premise that it will be demonstrated in the NxPC.Lab performances in parallel with each theme of the students. 

These results will be presented as needed at the Society for Information Science and Technology Entertainment Computing, Interaction, VR Society, and Image Society. We will also submit the results of our work to various competitions. 

Research Period

2015 - Present

Information from IAMAS