Time-Based Media Project

Since the invention of the gramophone, photography, and film, humanity has come to expand the possibilities of creative expressions using devices in a number of shapes and has come to have daily (pseudo) experiences of things that do not exist here and now. The new spacetime of computer networks, a space in which visual and audio creations are digitized and unified, has come to exist as a kind of second reality.
In these circumstances, what does what used to be called “art” mean to us now? In this project, we will pay particular attention to temporal art, i.e. the various “expressions” that take place in the course of time. We will take on the problem with particular attention paid to “expression that uses devices”. It is an inquiry into the relationship between “machines” and our bodies, as well as being an inquiry into the relationship between media and human existence.


Research Representative(s): Miwa Masahiro
Research Member(s): Maeda Shinjiro , Matsui Shigeru

Research Plan

 Throughout the year students will work in groups and individually to produce works based on a set topic. As a principle, weekly meetings will be held to help find precedent cases and related research and to discuss shared problems in the process of creation. In 2021, the fourth year of this course, the following items will be emphasized. 

  • creation or research of music, video, poetry, etc with temporal art in mind.  
  • Reverse simulation music, dance, or other stage works
  • Online streaming for off-campus use (online works)
  • Planning and Holding a Exhibition with a Art Museum 
  • ISMIE 2022 (The Japan Society of Image Arts & Sciences)
  • Inter College Sonic Arts Festival 2022
  • IAMAS 2023 Graduation Project Research Exhibition

Research Period

2018 - Present

Information from IAMAS