Time-Based Media Project

Since the invention of the gramophone, photography, and film, humanity has come to expand the possibilities of creative expressions usings devices in a number of shapes, and has come to have daily (pseudo) experiences of things that do not exist here and now. The new spacetime of computer networks, a space in which visual and audio creations are digitized and unified, has come to exist as a kind of second reality.

What significance does this thing they call “art” have for us now? In this project, we focus on art in time – that is, various creative expressions that occur in the passage of time – and we will address this question through both the study and practice of creative expressions usings devices in addition to traditional art. This is a quest to explore relationship between machines and our bodies as well as an investigation into the connection between media and human existence.


Research Representative(s): Miwa Masahiro
Research Member(s): Maeda Shinjiro , Matsui Shigeru

Research Plan

Centered weekly meetings, our research for this course consists of short-term projects as well as year-round presentations and activities held both within and outside of the school. A major component of this project’s practical curriculum will involve students creating artwork. In 2019, our second year, we will proceed with the following tasks in mind:

 Continuing from last year, we actively position Gamelan music as one of the forms of temporal art that mankind has created. Our goal will be not only to conduct research on this subject, but also to learn about it starting from its very basics. We will create stage productions using the knowledge we gain from our Gamelan studies. As we did last year, we will also explore the potential of internet streaming as a new form of network-based creativity that occurs in a new spacetime. We plan to hold workshops in collaboration with other projects.


・Research on Gamelan music, creation of theater production (year-round)

・Presenting work on the internet (year-round)

・Salamanca Hall (Gifu Mirai Ongaku-ten) (September)

・InterCollege Sonic Arts Festival 2019 (December)

・IAMAS 2020 Project Presentation (February)

・Presentations outside the school (March)

Research Period

2018 - Present

Information from IAMAS