Research Center for Industrial Culture

The Research Center for Industrial Culture (RCIC) was founded as an auxiliary office of IAMAS in 2010. Its mission is to deepen the academic achievement of IAMAS in media arts and sciences, as well as to promote regional contribution through collaboration with RCIC partners. In for-profit sector, the partners are range from small-size local businesses to global companies. And in non-profit sector, the partners are various, for instance, environmental NGOs and social welfare NPOs, which deals with the solutions of various problems in modern society. The partnership with the public sector has increased through collaborations with research institutions, local governments, and educational institutions from kindergartens to universities. The RCIC challenges the creation of innovation with its partners. It aims to design a creative community by presenting a new genre of “industrial culture” in an easy to understand manner while exploring how to introduce and disperse innovations.

Regional & Industry Partnerships

The RCIC collaborates with various partners in businesses and organizations both in and outside of the prefecture. IAMAS and its partners jointly research advanced technology and developments, and have created ideas that are highly expected in society. In the partnerships with regional communities, the RCIC contributes to society by revitalizing and designing local communities though design and art. And it actively promotes methods that diffuse new innovations into society.

Tasks include:

  • Introduction of on-campus seeds (technology, design, etc.) and research achievements
  • Research partnerships with other universities and research institutions
  • Collaboration projects with commercial businesses, non-profit organizations, and local governments
  • Regional community projects
  • Administration of IAMAS Innovation Studio [f.Labo] and Innovation Forum
  • Construction of creative community network

Cultural Activities

The RCIC builds networks with other educational and cultural institutions, and manages various cultural events, such as on-campus exhibitions, special workshops, and many others. It also plans and manages various events that strengthen the connection between the region and IAMAS, such as “Ogaki Biennale” and “Mini Maker Faire Ogaki (Make: Ogaki Meeting).” And it is making great efforts to spread IAMAS culture even farther in and outside of the prefecture.

Activities include:

  • Planning and operation of Biennale
  • Planning and operation for Mini Maker Faire Ogaki (Make: Ogaki Meeting)
  • Supervisng of graduation exhibition and Open House
  • Planning for off-campus partnerships
  • Acceptance of foreign researchers and joint research
  • Support of exchange student abroad program

PR & Archives

The RCIC is in charge of publicity at IAMAS, producing various PR materials, such as the school pamphlet. It is also responsible for communication activities, for example, administrating the IAMAS website and publishing its mail magazine, in order to communicate with the school’s various stakeholders. In addition, it functions as the archive management center by producing publications like exhibition brochures and filming/recording of open lectures and events held by IAMAS.

Responsibilities include:

  • Planning and production of PR materials
  • Administration of Website
  • Planning and production of on-campus publications
  • Creation of Graduation exhibitions and the brochures
  • Archiving lectures and events

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact IAMAS Research Center for Industrial Culture [RCIC].
TEL: +81-584-75-6606
FAX: +81-584-75-6637