ob_twotone.gif ARTISTS
From tactile sensation to diving into deep space...
Narcissus dreaming, his image rippling on the water
Embracing the floating Earth, standing on the ground
Touching leaves in the wind on the page of a book
The visual world becoming more tactile through new interfaces
On the panoramic stage of life, between the virtual and real world...


[T-Vision] ART+COM

By spinnig an earth floating in the universe through handling a big trackingball with palms, we can slowly zoom in on the ground anywhere we like, from the intimate home town even to the private living room.......
[Small Planet] Myron Krueger

By holding and tilting the arms like a bird's wings in front of the big screen, we can fly up and up into the higher sky or down to the ground. If your friend also participates in the other room, we can see one another flying in the sky.
[Place-A User's Manual] Jeffrey Shaw

Steering a spinning round-stage where we stand on, we can zoom in or zoom out on various different worlds, the image of which appear and disappear in the cylindrical screen. On such an image of the world, our voice could trigger the poetic and metaphoric words appearing on the image which is symbolizing as a dynamic manual for the place.
[Digital Watch] Jim Campbell

The watch shot by the video camera, and the movement of the landscape surronding the watch are both counting time. On the other hand, the audience's own face taken by another camera overlapped on the watch is counting different time, and gives the feeling of a disorienting mirror.
[Regard] Henry See

When entering the dark room, we see the old man sitting on the chair reading a book at the other end. As we move within the room, he responds, maybe beckoning us to move closer, maybe getting upset if we approach too quickly.
[Liquid Views] Fleischmann/Strauss/Bohn

Looking down into the virtual well, and find his/her own face reflecting in the water mirror, and it drifts away when one touches on the water with hands. Fantasic time to remind the myth of Narcissus.
[Bodymaps: artifacts of touch] Thecla Schiphorst

A image of the woman's body lying still in the water is projected on the white velvet surface on the bench. When we touch the image, it creates her movement, and brings to life the subtle sound of her voice and the flow of the water, and it metamorphoses into nothing.
[Beyond the Pages] Masaki Fujihata

Turning the page of the big virtual book one by one by touching with pen, makes the object on the page start moving, make sound and even switch on the real lamp standing on the table. The magical world created by the criss-crossing of the virtual and real image.
[Phototropy II] Christa Sommerer/Laurent Mignonneau

When people point the flashlight onto the screen, insects which live in the cocoon like forms stant to wake up. They will follow the movement of the light and reproduce if they get enough light on die if they get too miraculous power of the light energy onto the life!
[Violin ~ image of strings ] by Toshio Iwai

By scratching the touch-sensor with fingers, flashing image of light appears on the real violin on the table. It radiates and floats into the space. A new type of fusion of Sound and Image!