Operating Instructions for Up Plus 2

Things to prepare

  • STL format file
  • filament (1.75mm in diameter) / Please prepare materials personally or through your Project.
  • Choosing materials

  • There are 2 UP machines, and the machines are separated by materials, so please choose the material (PLA or ABS) for the filament you will use according to how you will use it.
  • Turning on the printer

  • Press the power button on the back side of the machine to turn it on
  • 02

  • When using ABS filament, switch the paint booth to “入 (ON)”
  • 02-1

    Initializing the printer

  • Hold down the initialize switch on the front of the printer to initialize it.
  • When it beeps several times, that is the cue that the printer has been initialized.
  • When initializing through the software
      ・For Windows: 設定 (Settings) > 初期化 (Initialize)
      ・For Mac: 3D print > Initialize
  • 03

    Connect the PC and printer with a USB cable and start up the software


    Setting the platform

  • Connect the exclusive cable to the “Auto Level Device”, and attach the nozzle
  • 05-0

  • When doing so, be aware of 3 things: (1) make sure that the metal of the device is touching the nozzle; (2) that you have firmly connected the cable; and (3) that the cable passes in the front of the printer.
  • 05-1

  • Once preparations have been made, click the following menu in the software
      ・For Windows: 設定 (Settings) > 水平自動調整 (Horizontal automatic adjustment)
      ・For Mac: 3D print > Auto Level
  • 05-2 

  • Once the settings have been made, disconnect the “Auto Level Device” and the cable
  • Setting the nozzle height

  • Check that there is no filament remaining in the tip of the nozzle
  • Firmly connect the previous cable into the “Nozzle Height Detection Device” on the back of the platform
  • 06-0

  • Once preparations have been made, click the following menu in the software
      ・For Windows: 設定 (Settings) > ノズル高さ測定 (Nozzle height measurement)
      ・For Mac: 3D print > Nozzle Height Detect
  • 06-1

  • When it has finished measuring the height, a pop-up with the corresponding numeric value will appear; close the pop-up after confirming the numeric value.
  • If you set the numeric value as the displayed value minus 0.3~0.6mm for PLA, 0.2~0.4mm for ABS, it will be easier to peel off the printed item from the plate. This will change depending on the model to be printed, so please adjust for each job.
  • There are times when the printed item will not stick to the platform. When printing for the first time, please make sure to check its condition while printing.
  • Removing/inserting filament (only when filament needs to be exchanged)

  • Once preparations have been made, click the following menu in the software
      ・For Windows: 設定 (Settings) > プリンター設定 (Printer settings)
      ・For Mac: 3D print > Maintenance
  • 07-0

    Opening 3D data

  • Click “File > Open” in the software, and select the 3D data you wish to print
  • If you press “配置 (Position)” for Windows, “Auto Placement” for Mac, the data will be positioned in the center of the platform
  • ・ In addition, it is also possible to move, rotate, and scale the data in the software
  • 08-0



  • Click “設定 (Settings) > 印刷 (Print)” for Windows, “3D print > Print” for Mac, and you will move to the settings screen.
  • 09-0

  • Re-input the numeric value as the value inputted in “ノズルの高さ (Nozzle Height)” for Windows, “Nozzle Height” for Mac minus 0.3~0.5mm for PLA, 0.2~0.4mm for ABS
  • If you press the OK button, printing will begin.
  • The operating procedure up to this point is the method that uses a raft, so please do not check the “ラフト無し (No Raft)” option
  • 09-1

  • When adjusting the print settings, click “印刷設定 (Print settings)” and move to the settings screen
  • 09-2

    Removing printed items

  • After the printed item has cooled, remove it from the plate on the platform
  • Please use the scraper to remove the printed item
  • When using the scraper, it is safest to use the designated gloves
  • Cleaning up

  • Turn off the power to the printer
  • Dispose of any garbage on the raft, etc. that was produced during printing into the garbage bin
  • Turn off the power to the note PC
  • If you used ABS filament, switch the paint booth to “切 (OFF)”