Machine tool that, using 2D data, carves or cuts think wood materials or acryl sheets with a laser. Can process acryl, wooden materials, paper, felt (synthetic fibers), etc. Not to be used on food.


  • Official name: Oh-Laser HAJIME
  • Largest processing size: 500*300*130mm
  • Output: 30W
  • Creating data

  • Set color mode to “RGB Mode”
  • Create 1 art board
  • Cut data and carving data cannot be sent at once, so some devising is necessary
  • Marking → Black (R:0, G:0, B:0) fill in, no lines
  • Cutting … Red (R:255, G:0, B:0) Line width 0.088mm(0.25pt), no fill in
  • Save version for illustrator goes up to CS3
  • Maintenance

  • After machining, clean mirror, lens, and dust collector
  • Remove any garbage underneath the honeycomb table after machining
  • Whenever there is anything burned or stuck underneath the table, use the Magiclean, then wipe with a damp cloth, and wipe with a dry cloth
  • Reminders when machining

  • Confirm process settings
  • If you set the speed too fast, the material will slip out of alignment
  • When moving, make sure to wipe the water from the machine before moving/li>