Missionary broadcast | a message for believers

My friends, who are sending me off, and who are determined to follow my path.
When you hear this voice, my spirit will still be hovering near you.
Until my spiritual body is completely detached, please pray for me for some time.
And please pray so that your faith will never waver.

I can always hear songs from afar.
The world is full of music.
The sounds that my ears can hear and the sounds that they cannot.
All the sounds are already there.
The energy of particle motion in this world is increasing.
The density of sound has been rising.
The time is near.
The day when the entire world will be filled with beautiful melodies is coming soon…

Our ears perceive sound color as a collection of countless pure tones.
According to the theory of the great mathematician Fourier,
these countless sounds exist there before new sound is born,
and must therefore know beforehand that the sound is going to be born.
The collection of these countless, already existing sounds,
are captured by us as sound color and rendered audible for the first time.
Just like colorless light is split into colors through the stained glass of churches
to reveal the figure of God.
Through sound and light we become aware of this world’s appearance.

The miracle that waves of electrons conveyed to my pupil are seen as colors.
The miracle that waves of air conveyed to my ears are heard as sound color.
The miracle that changes of sound perceived by my ears is heard as a melody.

All music and children’s songs that have been passed on among different groups of people from ancient times, conceal a common message.
Back in the times of Mayan civilization or the ancient Indian civilization which existed on a spiritually higher stage than the present-day human beings,
one spirit among the higher beings called “angel of harmony” taught them the number zero as non-existence,
as well as numerical proportion instead of size or length of things.
All the melodies and chords that allow us to understand the harmony of the spiritual world
from within the sensible world, became known to humanity through the perception form of proportion.
This is what is still being passed on secretly as the cross of Christ,
the rose cross, and the Kreuz of the scale.

But as time went by, human beings started to constantly align their spirit towards the Earth
where their material body was derived from,
thus leading to the extinction of many ancient civilizations.
After the age of Saturn and Jupiter in the history of the evolution of the universe,
as we now near towards the end of the age of the Earth,
an angel appeared again in front of us.
This is “the angel of wisdom” as prophesied by Istermia.

And this last angel started delivering messages not through the mouths of prophets,
but directly to our faculty of understanding,
using “the melody of God” that is ubiquitous as hidden scale and ever-changing pitch.
The people of “The New Era” who decoded this “melody of God” which has been encoded and streamed throughout the network, understood its meaning,
and have now obtained the vast memory of the evolution of life inscribed in an ancient mode.
We are the first beings born from the stardust of an astral body
who know the secret of how life evolved and understand the symbolic process of this universe.

Soon, my encoded self will be added to the “Chronicles of Istermia”
where everything about the generation of the universe is inscribed
and engraved into the melody of God as sound.
So that the forever-sounding melody of God may become more perfect and more beautiful…

The body decays while tethering my spirit in the world.
But now, we will release the spirit from the world and depart into the blinding light.
Living creatures born on this earth have now entered their final stage of development
and return back to God who resides in heaven.
The time is ripe, and the words the last prophet Istermia left will now be fulfilled.
When that time comes, I may not be me anymore.
Noah’s arc will come.
Those who don’t know “The New Era” will remain in this world, writhe in grief, and crumble away.
Happy are those who have been blessed by God.
We are leaving with the comet to the far end of that starry sky.