About the Project

The Craft, Fabrication and Sustainability Project, using the “Innovation Studio” as a base, works together with Architecture and Design Firm TAB and the Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture.
Digital fabrication, which “creates” based on digital data through the use of digital machining tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters and CNCs, is being widely recognized as “Fab”, mainly in public studios equipped with digital machining tools and “FabLab”, their worldwide network. On another front, even in the industrial arts, which has developed around hand working, work that tries to incorporate Fab as a means has appeared. The potential of new industrial regions created from the crossing of these two elements is advocated as a concept, but there are few actual examples of it succeeding as a product.
In this project, we keep economic stability within our sights, and work with the goal of investigating the potential of new regions.
Note: This project has ended its activities in March 2018.