School for Regenerative Design


The various activities we human beings have carried out to date have significantly impacted the earth, bringing about climate change and other environmental problems. The sense of crisis that we cannot continue to live on the earth if we continue as we are, has led to initiatives such as the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the active introduction of renewable energy. However, considering the accumulation of impacts we have had, it has been pointed out that it is not enough to aim for “sustainable”. We need to advance our thinking to “regenerative”. Many people may agree with this idea, and various efforts are already underway, but the reality is that it is not a straightforward process. In retrospect, the disruptive changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, should have been an opportunity to rethink the basic assumption of economic development through globalization significantly. In fact, in 2020, many people were actively discussing this issue. However, before long, the calls for a return to the “Original World” or “Normal” became louder and louder, and the confusion continued without the correct answers. How can we imagine and design for the world in a few decades when it is so difficult to predict even a few years in the future?
In this project, we will first research information and activities that are already underway and technologies that may be indications of positive change, using the keyword regenerative. Next, we will create ideas based on the research and develop them into concepts. Finally, we will create ‘School’ based prototypes (our most tangible and familiar ‘Horizon’) with the aim of taking action and leading positive change through our activities and publications.


This year is the first year of a three-year plan; therefore, we will focus on research. To deepen our understanding, we will conduct desk research, field research, guest lectures, literature survey, technology hands-on, and other activities. We will then hold a symposium to share the results of the research phase and open discussion to outbound.


2022年 - 現在