IAMAS has three types of entrance exam: for the two-year masters program, there is the commendation entrance exam and the general entrance exam. The third exam is for the one-year masters program, the "Intensive Course for Persons with Work Experience."
In the first year of the two-year masters program, students are influenced by instructors and fellow students through lectures, seminars, practical training, and research. In the second year, students focus on creating their graduate work and writing their final thesis.
The Intensive Course for Persons with Work Experience is geared towards people engaged in groundbreaking research or development and those how have made achievements in their careers or in the creation of artistic or technological works. In this course, a curriculum that usually takes two years is condensed to one year under the condition that students proceed with their research based on these previous accomplishments.
You may apply for the General Entrance Exam and the Intensive Course for Persons with Work Experience even if you have not completed an undergraduate degree, provided that your application documents are approved through a prior review.

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