The name IAMAS refers to two educational institutions: Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (graduate school) and International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (vocational college).

IAMAS has advocated the integration of science and art. Students come from various backgrounds including humanities, sciences, and arts. Through the experience of meeting people from different nationalities, backgrounds, and ages, students have delved into the possibilities of the unexplored from various perspectives without being limited by existing systems, techniques, and thinking.
If we assume communication is supported by "code", then we could say that the modern era is transforming into the era of Technocodes, an era based on the technology of photographs, video, CG, and networks. We regard ourselves"wanderers"as discussed in Roan Uchida's essay,"Civilized Nations Invariably Have Educated Wanderers", cavorting with the new era, and forming the new edge in culture. We present our exhibition,"The Wanderers'Engawa in the era of Technocodes", to propose our explorations.
This exhibition presents to the various fields the possibilities to explore in the unexplored.

Engawa is a veranda- or terrace-like place in Japanese architecture. It continues from inside of a house to outside providing a place to sit for residents to enjoy the nature outside. It also serves as a place to invite neighbors passing by to sit and communicate. Engawa is considered a place that does not belong to neither outside nor inside of a house.

::DATE:: February 23rd, 2006 ~ February 26th, 2006


:Main Venue : Softopia Japan Center Building
4 - 1 - 7, Kagano, Ogaki City, Gifu

:Satellite Venue : IAMAS
3 - 95, Ryoke-cho, Ogaki City, Gifu

::Admission Free::



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