Interaction 95

Date: July 17 - 24, 1995
Place: Suito-Pia Center (Gakushu-kan), Ogaki City
Sponsored by : Executive Committee for International Art and Media Symposium (Gifu Pref. + Ogaki City)

The History of Interactive Art / Itsuo Sakane


Jeffrey Shaw / [ Golden Calf ]
Agnes Hegedus / [ Handsight ]
Michael Naimark / [ Karlsruhe Moviemap ]
Luc Courchesne / [ Portrait One ]
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau / [ Interactive Plant Growing ]
Jean-Louis Boissier / [ Mutatis mutandis ]
Ed Tannenbaum / [ Rainbow Echo III ]
David Rokeby / [ Very Nervous System ]
Jim Campbell / [ Hallucination ]
Toshio Iwai / [ Resonance of 4 ]

International Art and Media Symposium

Part one: Multimedia and Human Life
[Panel Discussion]
Coordinator: Itsuo Sakane (Professor, Keio University)
Panelist: Masaki Fujihata (Associate Professor, Keio University)
Shin Mizukoshi (Associate Professor, Social Information Laboratory, Tokyo University)
Yasuhisa Arakawa (Country Manager, Nihon Silicon Graphics K.K.)
Hiroto Kobayashi (Chief Editor, WIRED Japan)
Jeffrey Shaw (ZKM-Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie)


Taku Kajiwara, (Gifu Prefectural Governor)

Part Two: Today and Future in Multimedia Art
[Multimedia Performance]
Performer: Paul DeMarinis [Chaotic Jump Rope]
Toshio Iwai [Piano ~as an Image Media]

In holding this exhibition, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to the participetion of the artists and the following individuals and institutions for their kind cooperation.

Planning and Direction:
Itsuo Sakane
Gifu Prifecture Government IAMAS Project Planning Office,
Masaki Fujihata, Atsuhito Sekiguchi, Yayoi Wakabayashi
Yasuhito Nagahara
Thanks to
Atsuko Koishi, Kiyotane Hayashi, NTT/ICC
Display: Nippon Event Planning Co.,Ltd.
Supported by
Sony Co.,Ltd. Nihon Silicon Graphics KK. Apple Computer Inc.

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