Interaction 95
The Multimedia Age and Interactive Art

With signs of an emerging information age culture in the air, Interaction ’95 celebrates the opening of the Gifu Prefectural International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, an institution for the multimedia age, next spring in Ogaki.
Interaction ’95 is your opportunity to participate directly in and experience the works of interactive artists from throughout the world.

Why commemorate the opening of the Academy
with an interactive art show?

The multimedia concept encompasses many definitions and interpretations. In its broadest sense, it stands for the creation of a human culture bringing together the fine arts and other cultural genres. In a narrower sense, it refers to the vast field of applications that appeal to the five senses through the use of digital electronic media, including computers, to integrate various images, sound and text. The aim of the Academy is to fuse these two interpretations and to provide the training that creators of works of high cultural value will need.

The future of multimedia culture

Applied multimedia can contribute greatly to paving the way towards disseminating information in education, medicine, and social welfare, as well as social and economic information. The creative process behind multimedia work is both closely linked to our sensibilities and to the creativity inherent in new arts and culture.
The new content developing in this field covers a wide range: packaged software on CD-ROM, vast film libraries, the interactive installations (environmental installation works) shown at this exhibition, and the exchanges through networks that are tying the world into an information plaza. These information vehicles are of very different formats, yet they all enable more people to share cultural experiences through exchanging and sharing data. The true meaning of the interactive information contained in most multimedia software, moreover, begins to emerge only when there is a dialog between the user and the work. That is why we have chosen interactive art as the key word for this exhibition. Interactive art is one of the milestones on the road to the multimedia culture of tomorrow.

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