Digital media is bringing about drastic changes in our nostalgic landscape:
Seeking lights in the town of one's memory through the haze of a speeding train...
Spotting a friend's face in a snapshot among a group of people...
Following the flakes of words floating on the water, linking their connotations.
Inspiring a dialogue among shadows, real objects, people and nature...
Constructing one's self-portrait from ciphers, particles, fragments...
Stepping onto a virtual field of gravitation, playing a balancing game within a maze.
Remembering Classical painting, recreating it in a tangible form of moving images.
The forefront of Media Art - evolving out of the struggle for a human interface.

Outline of the Exhibition
The Artist
International Art and Media Symposium

Poster [PDF, 37KB] (1999.2.1)
Flyer [PDF, 95KB] (1999.1.23)
PressRelease -English [PDF, 368KB] (1999.1.14)
PressRelease -Japanese [PDF, 151KB] (1999.1.14)
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